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loosed on the unsuspecting aviation industry and state of CO in one fell swoop!

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-I'm a licensed aircraft mechanic.
-I'm left-handed and PROUD OF IT!
-The highlight of my spring semester was that Mike got me SECOND ROW BOB SEGER TICKETS! (I love you man!)
-I still haven't pierced my ears...
-I love John Williams- I think he's a fabulous composer.
-My favorite part of being a stagehand was climbing the truss- I love to be up high.
-Snow makes me giddy!
-I like doing stuff that involves complicated logistics. Strange, but I think it's the challenge...?
-I'm half in love with Cary Grant.
-In the fall of 2008, I changed careers (from backstage kind of work), packed my stuff and moved to Denver to be a helicopter mechanic. It snows here. I come from desert. I walked into a job knowing absolutely nothing (and I do mean nothing!). Oh, and when I moved here, I knew not a soul. Ups and downs, but a fabulous adventure. I don't regret it.
-I have a thing for skunks. If I lived in a place where they were legal, I'd have one as a pet.